Pool Consultation

Thank you for your interest in Cascade Custom Pools! We hope the following information will assist in creating a positive experience with our process.

Guidelines for a pool consultation

To be added to our system please email the following information to hillary@cascadecustompools.com:

1. Property Survey with surveyor’s seal: (No photos of this document.) Our design system needs this document to be the Scanned/Scaled original. Let me know if you have any questions.
2. Property Septic plan (if you have a septic system). We must know where the Septic lids and tanks are on site to accurately design and budget your pool.
3. Desired Budget: CCP Pools w/ Spas start at $100k. It is impossible to give you a real price over the phone or in email on your pool. Every yard and pool is different in some way with engineering, size, features, and materials used.
4. Your preferred appt time M-F: Morning or Afternoon.
5. Inspiration photos and existing Yard photos are also helpful in the design process.


Telephone Inquiry

After receiving the above information and completing the Consultation Request form, we will call you to further discuss your needs and answer any questions you have. Based on that discussion, you can decide if you would like to go to the next level and schedule a site visit with a designer.


1st On-Site Design Meeting

At this appointment, your designer will discuss your vision in-depth, and develop design ideas based on the site and the style of your home. He will be able to discuss budget parameters with you; this will not be a binding estimate but will aid in creating an appropriate design. There is no charge for this initial meeting. However, if you want to move forward with a detailed custom pool design, there will be a design fee ranging from $500 to $1500 (based on the complexity of your project). Your designer will be able to tell you, at this meeting, what the design fee is should you decide to proceed to the next level. The design fee includes receiving a 3D design, two rounds of changes, and will be applied to your pool contract if you choose Cascade to build your project. Your designer will accept a check or credit card for the fee at this meeting.


Consultation Request Form

If this is all acceptable to you, please complete the form. Required fields are marked with an *

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